Rachel Anne


  1. Art Direction
    From concept to completion I enjoy leading a team of skilled individuals to work together to find the best solution for our client's needs . My 13 years of experience has given me a wide range of design skills. My core experience in Art Direction came from 5 years working with CB&S Advertising. CB&S is a full service advertising agency for The Kroger Retail Company.
  2. Page Layout
    I am highly skilled in all Adobe Creative Suite programs. I gained most of my experience with page layout using InDesign while working for Kobalt Design Group. I am confident and highly skilled at creating beautifully designed booklets, magazine adds, website pages, newspaper spreads and ads as well as supporting documents and handouts for trade shows and sales teams.
  3. Logo Design
    Logos are often the first thing that a customer or potential client will see. Your company logo gives the impression of the kind of business you represent. Modern, fun, smart, trustworthy or sophisticated. A well thought out logo tells a story. I take pride in learning your story and customer base so I can create the perfect logo to represent you and your business.
  4. Package Design
    Package design can be fun, whimsical and engaging. These are the package designs that I enjoy creating the most. A well thought out, organized design that engages your customer and begs to be picked up and bought again and again. I take all your product and customer details to create a beautiful package that represents your brand and sets you apart from the competition.
  5. Illustration
    From a young age, drawing has been something I find great joy in doing. While at CB&S, using Adobe Illustrator, I created illustrations that were applied to banners, in-store signs, websites, brochures, gift cards and grocery reward cards. During my freelance time, I created illustrations for clients ranging from invitations and thank you cards to paper mobiles.
  6. Stitches of all Kinds
    My mom taught me to sew using an old Bernina and a coloring sheet. As I followed the lines ever so carefully I fell in love. Now, as a mom myself, I teach my kids the joy of creating something hand made and unique.